Thinking About Beds

I love my bed, I really do. I love hugging my babies in there, we have our daily Family Meeting in bed every morning, I love reading and knitting in bed and it is one of my favourite places to be, but there is a problem.
Our bed is old. It is wobbly and squeaky and we need to replace it.
Of course there is a good side to this problem, mainly that I get to do some more decluttering!
We have decided that it is probably time to replace all of our bedroom furniture, which is currently a happy collection of pieces we once used to love, with a shiny new set that actually matches!
I am really excited about this project because it will give us room to turn our bedroom into a bedroom / office and free up an extra room in our home!
I can not wait to share the before and after pictures with you as soon as we start changing things around!


I have been thinking much about replacing our current bedroom with something simple and white, and the more I think about it the more I like the idea.
I have also been looking at beds, there are a few over at Ikea that we like, but sadly they don’t deliver. I also quite like the idea of ottoman beds from Wedo Beds UK because I would quite like the extra storage for our collection of blankets and quilts. As much as I love minimalism and decluttering, they are not going anywhere!


Of course there are other important questions to answer, for example Are we too old for a canopy over our bed? I like to think we are not!
I’m also thinking about bedding, I love our minimalist white bedding, but with a completely white room maybe a bit of colour would be nice, too. I still really love the little ones’ bedding and I am hoping to find a similar one for us grown-ups, too!


How are you sleeping these days? Is your bedroom an oasis of calm or a colourful retreat?
Have a lovely day!

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5 Responses to Thinking About Beds

  1. Gillian says:

    What about a splash of Indian inspired bedding? The jewel colours would look lovely with the white. We recently declutered our bedroom, made a canopy around the patio door (to balcony) with sari fabri. Added fairy lights, and took everyone that wash necessary away. We are all sleeping much better, it’s a really calm and relaxing space even with the toddler bed attached to our bed ( although he’s always in with us!) check out urban outfitters from bedding with a splash of colour and cool, expensive but the sales are great! X

  2. Karina says:

    We just have a new bed last November. grey wooden. Big! I can’t find Mike in the bed LOL The old bed was just like a nest hahaha. We do have white walls and the roof is like a taupe colour. A dark brown laminated floor. I alway put a big plaid/quilt over the bed when we are not sleeping. It’s with little roses on it, sweet and cozy. It can be very cold upstairs so we do have alot off plaids/quilts too! There is a old washingtable with marmer shelf, that’s were I put an old candle holder from the secondhandshop. Two little cabinets, one grey (painted by myself) with old books and plastic flowers….:), candlelights made from long shells. the other cabinet is oldgreen with a real plant in a white pot and there is a bookholder holder my favo book about the island Texel. So thats it! Sleep well!

  3. Belzi says:

    Thanks to your decluttering inspiration, I have reorganised and rearranged my bedroom. This involved dismantling and remantling my bed. After spending a couple of nights being woken up by incessant squeaking, I finally realised I’d forgotten to tighten the bolts. Eek!!
    I have a homemade patchwork quilt on the top of my bed. It’s in big bold squares(ish) of gold, reds, green and blues.
    BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment. I’ve written you a long catch-up post in response :)

  4. Jocelyn Nelson says:

    Hi, I live near Leeds and our Ikea does deliver! They use a third party delivery service and you just arrange it there after your have bought your items. We had our dining table and chairs delivered. It was not too expensive (maybe £30 if I can remember) and was delivered straight away about and hour after we arrived home ourselves. I would have thought all Ikeas in the UK would be the same and offer this service. Hope you can find some furniture that you like anyhow!