Red Nose Day Cookies

Yesterday was Purim, and I loved seeing all our wonderful friends’ cookie creations. This year’s theme definitely seemed to be cookies that look like masks, so when we heard about the Red Nose Day 25th Anniversary Cookie Challenge we knew exactly what to make: Red Nose Mask Cookies!


Of course our cookies are nowhere near perfect, but we had a lot of fun making them together!!
We made a simple shortcrust pastry dough, but you can find lots of great recipes on the Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less website.


We cut the mask shape from cardboard and then traced around it to get the right shaped dough.


We then baked them until they were golden brown,


and decorated them with ready made icing in black and red.
Emily loved putting big black eyebrows on the faces!


We also used some ready rolled icing and sprinkles to decorate some of the masks.
When we finished making the masks we cut out lots of round circles and decorated them with red icing and sprinkles to make Red Noses!


What are you doing to celebrate Red Nose Day this year?
Have a lovely day!

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5 Responses to Red Nose Day Cookies

  1. Those masks are fab, we’re going to have to give those a go.

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  3. Jennifer says:

    They are brilliant, what a great idea, I love the eyebrows!

  4. Nichola says:

    These are absolutely brilliant and look like great fun to make.