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I have always loved the idea of Lent. It’s really quite nice challenging yourself to do or not do something for fourty days.
Last year we gave up noise for Lent and I am really grateful for that experiment.
Of course it doesn’t have to be a big change, it could be a change as easy as buying a pair of FitFlops or skipping your morning coffee. This year we thought it might be nice to challenge ourselves to something different.
Instead of giving up something we want to do more.
Our plan is to have at least one adventure every week.
During the cold months it can be difficult to get out, so I am hoping that this will inspire us to do a little more.
Last week our adventure took us to the beach.


It was a wonderful change from our usual daily rhythm.
Emily looked for smooth stones for her collection and chased the waves,

P1090368 (1)

while Arthur loved picking up stones and throwing them at the water.

P1090334 (1)

I truly think that, to be happy, we need to spend time outside daily, connect with each other, with nature and with ourselves.

P1090357 (1)

George will have his operation later this week, so our adventure for this week will be George’s trip to hospital.
I am one worried Mama and I have been making lists and lists of things to take, (George’s favourite monkey Momo, Georgie’s hat, his favourite blanket, snuggly pyjamas…) as well as talking to other parents who have been in similar situations.
Taking a little one to hospital for an operation is quite a scary thought, so I would appreciate any good thoughts, ideas and advice.
Have a lovely day!

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6 Responses to More Adventures

  1. Lucy says:

    Mine have only been in hospital for planned surgery once – that was my anxious 8 year old. What helped: rhythmic handwork for me, books, little treasures in matchboxes, paper and pen – and me cutting and making with paper since it was small and disposable. But at a certain point the anestethetic quality of the tv over the bed was needed by us both and was super helpful, probably because it was something of a novelty to sit around watching tv on bed! Good luck to him – and you! There really is something horrid about seeing them go unconscious and waiting around to get them back – will your husband be with you? Mine was at home with our girl but I got chatting with another mother and her life made a fascinating soap opera style distraction!

    • Thank you, Lucy! In the end we bought a new Playmobil car for him to play with and it was enough to keep him busy, thank goodness. There was no TV or other people in our little room, but we did make a new friend from the room “next door” and were able to leave quite quickly, which was a blessing.

  2. Lenka says:

    I will be sending good energy his way (and your way). I don’t have advice, sorry. Hoping for easy stories in the next days!

  3. Sonja says:

    I have no personal experience with kids staying in hospitals, but I wanted to remind you not to forget about yourself when you gather Georgie’s things. A favorite book, calming music to listen to, some knitting or similar, a nice smelly hand lotion perhaps? Fuzzy socks? Prayer beads? (You get the idea – something that will keep your hands occupied and calm your mind and comfort you.)
    You and yours will be in my prayers – for a textbook-boring procedure, for calmness and peace, and for a happy recovery.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, I had actually completely forgotten about keeping myself busy, so thanks to your comment I managed to order a new book just in time.
      We are home now and all is well. Thank you so much!