Baking Hamantashen

Mondays are not easy around here, everyone is still full of the crazies they pick up at the grandparents house, and usually we try not to do much on a Monday. We paint, we read, we play boardgames. Today, with Purim approaching I thought it might be fun to bake some Hamantashen.

(That handprint in the dough is cutesy of sweet Georgie!)


We had lots of fun baking these wonderful and traditional treats, even though things did not exactly go according to plan. Georgie washed his feet in the sink, complete with socks and trousers on, Arthur made it snow in the kitchen using the flour and I mis-read the recipe and mixed a whole pound of butter with five cups of flour for absolutely no reason.


Despite it all, our cookies turned out surprisingly well!
I guess it really is true sometimes that all is well that ends well.


What are you baking these days?

(We used this recipe and made Rabbi Olitzky’s chocolate cream cheese filling.)

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One Response to Baking Hamantashen

  1. valerie says:

    I am baking a lot from mixes right now to help my oldest learn basics of cooking
    and she’s not interested in baking from scratch