Mindful Salt and Watercolour Mandala Meditation

Today we have had the worst day in a very long time. I know that in so many ways it is something to be grateful for that, to us, a bad day is a day where three little ones have a cold and are in a very argumentative mood, but that does not make it any less difficult.
I am finding six to be a very difficult age, it is not what I expected in this parenting journey, and tiredness and that persistent cold don’t help Emily’s mood at all.
(I enjoyed reading this article on that subject.)
We needed something to turn the day around, preferably something involving paint, mindfulness, meditation and spending time together.

Salt and Watercolour Mandala Meditation


You will need:
Paper Plates
White Glue / PVA Glue
Watercolour Paints


I started by drawing mandala designs onto paper plates with white glue.
I did this step by myself as I thought that on a day like today it might cause more frustration than anything else.


I then gently poured salt over the glue and made sure all the glue was covered.


I shook off the remaining salt over the sink but looking back I should have saved it to use with the next design, so next time I will shake the salt onto another paper plate.
When the glue had dried I prepared our space by putting on our favourite meditation music, lighting a candle and closing the curtains.
We then started by mixing our watercolours with lots of water and gently dropped the colourful water onto the salt designs.
I asked Emily to imagine the colours as her thoughts, to look at each one and then let them go, let them grow and change and turn into something beautiful. Emily really liked putting on drops for different people that she cared about,too.


It was beautiful and calming to watch the colour gently spread through the salt, growing, changing and mixing.


The paint and salt looked a lot like the beautiful mandalas created with sand by Tibetan monks.


We made a few different designs today and I have prepared a few more to keep aside for daily use, these are definitely worth making in advance and having them ready to paint and meditate whenever we feel like it.


How do you find joy and peace on difficult days?

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6 Responses to Mindful Salt and Watercolour Mandala Meditation

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for sharing. I am just now thinking of sharing meditation with my little ones. I just bought the album on iTunes . Love it!

  2. Imogen Morgan says:

    Playing the piano saved today – it calms my son down to hear the music and it calms me down and focuses me. I hope all the little ones feel better soon.

  3. Xaia says:

    I love this idea! Paper plates are going on my mental shopping list right now :) With an almost 8yr old with special needs and 4yr old who often feels left out between her older brother and the baby, I think this can be a great way to help both of them to center themselves. Thank you!

  4. louise says:

    What a wonderful idea! They are beautiul!

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