In the Studio

It took about two weeks of near-sleepless nights for me to see what was obvious all along.
We needed art back in our life. Not just crafts, but real actual art.
My business card has Artist written on it, yet I had not picked up a paintbrush in over a year.
I had been making excuses.
In our old home we had a studio. When we moved into this little house over two years ago the plan had always been to make room for a little studio somewhere, a special place for painting and writing.
It did not happen, for many different reasons, and I kept putting off finding time to paint. I kept making excuses: There were dishes to wash, the little ones would join in and I would not be able to concentrate, I did not have the right paper.. In the end I hardly painted at all.
Until today.
Emily and Arthur joined in, we used whatever paints and paper we could find, there were no closed doors, there were no special brushes or even any thought as to what we wanted to paint, and yet it was perfect.


We tried new paints and techniques,
and it was beautiful working alongside each other.


It is truly inspirational to watch the little ones create art.


We used lots of different paper to paint on, including some sheet music that we had received from the grandparents.


We painted all the way through from morning until dinnertime, not even stopping for lunch.
(“I can eat and paint at the same time, Mama, I am an artist!“)


We are now slowly working on turning our dining room into a little studio, just adding a few inspirational items and making art supplies a little more accessible. It’s always a bit difficult with George and who he currently is, but after today I am so very sure that we need to start creating art again.
Do you have a studio space in your home?

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5 Responses to In the Studio

  1. How wonderful! It feels so good when we do it, that we wonder why we ever stopped. Since moving into our new house almost a year ago, I have my own room for my studio, as to leave the kitchen table alone, and I do, ah hum, most of the time. But we still use the kitchen table to do paintings and crafts with the kids. I’ve had times in my life with a craft room, and times where I didn’t. Either way, I always find it hard to contain the supplies and crafting to one area… it just spreads through the house. I came to the realization that the kids and I are just crafty and artsy, so I’m ok with that :)

  2. Karina says:

    ooh I love to paint and the girls love it too! Brynne made a painting last week at our diningtable…mama I am painting Lente ( = spring) She took all different collors and just made stripes horizontal, each stripe a different collor! It is truly beautifull to see what little kids can make all bij themself with their imagination, just spring with stripes 😉
    She also loves to draw babies! Look at my fb and you will find a photo of her babies, love those cute heads! so funny! with love Karina

  3. Painting is something that I am rather scared of. I’ve never felt confident about it – and only this morning was talking to someone about the watercolour classes she goes to. Nin and Ted will paint, though, and enjoy it and I hope they don’t pick up on my lack of confidence :(

    I’m far more confident with other crafts.

    • Emily used to feel the same way about painting, these Enso meditations helped her! Maybe they can help you gain confidence. My paintings are never perfect, but I feel better when I paint daily! :) :)

      • Yes, I read about them here :) They seem a little like form drawing – I’d probably have to find child-free time for it to work for me as grabby Anna would love me to pick up a paintbrush for her to attempt to get at!

        I was thinking that they might be something to try to help ‘centre’ Ted, as he’s been rather challenging of late and I’m struggling to find that hook to get him enthused.

        I don’t expect perfection, but I find it frustrating that I can’t really get watercolours to do what I want them to. I used to draw and draw and draw and can knit, crochet, sew (although I tend to back away from a machine) and various other things, but watercolours are a mystery to me. So I don’t think the meditations would be much of a help on that front – what I need to do is find time in the day/week/month to practice, but I tend to get caught up in a cycle of frustration, or procrastinate wildly.