Grateful Friday

Grateful Friday

This week was busy and I have rarely had time to pick up the camera, but this week I am grateful for a lovely present from Anthony, for Skype calls between the little ones and their brilliant Auntie Sarah and of course Auntie Sarah’s adorable bunny Happy, for a visit that will happen even sooner than we expected, for giving our old playgroup another chance and for the smell of beeswax candles filling our home.


I am grateful for friends who come to drink coffee and build houses out of Playdough, for my lovely Mama who is picking up knitting again, for Fridays spent cleaning and for an oven that is fixed just in time to bake our Challah. (It is rising as I write this.)


What are you grateful for this week?
Have a lovely day!

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2 Responses to Grateful Friday

  1. Sian says:

    I am grateful for a flexible workplace, chunky wax crayons in chubby toddler hands, my mothers cottage pie, calpol and bedtime cuddles. Hooray for the weekend with my baby boy.