Turn Yourself Into a Puppet

I can honestly not decide whether I find this craft extremely hilarious or extremly creepy. Probably a bit of both.
I want to be honest with you, so please know that I find these pictures absolutely hysterical and I can not stop laughing at them.
The other day Emily came to me and told me that she wishes she could have a doll of herself so that she could ride on her Schleich unicorn figurines and look after her tiny toy animals properly.
Sadly I couldn’t help with actually turning her tiny, but we thought that it might be fun to make an Emily-Puppet.
You can make your own version of this, and of course you are not restricted to making a princess, this is a pretty customisable craft. I must admit that I often find myself putting the puppet into a cupboard, there’s just something about a tiny version of your child quietly watching you eat the secret chocolate from the fridge, (I am not the only one, am I?) but the boys think it is hilarious and Emily thinks it’s the best thing ever.
You could also make a puppet of their favourite character from a book.


Turn Yourself Into A Puppet!

You will need:

A printed picture of the person you are turning into a puppet
A cardboard tube
Felt in various colours
Decorations like sticky gems
Beads for the hand and feet
Popsicle sticks


How to:

Start by cutting the picture to size and gluing it onto the cardboard tube.


Now cut the felt to size. Remember to leave holes for the arms, legs and face.


Glue the felt to the cardboard tube, pierce holes through the tube in the right places and thread the pipecleaners through the holes to create the arms and legs. We then attached beads to make hands and feet.


Now decorate your puppet however you like. We added a felt crown, glitter glue and sticky gems.


Now you can glue your popsicle sticks into an x shape and attach a ribbon to each stick, then tie the ribbons to the arms and legs to make a puppet.


I really want to make a whole big family of these, I can’t wait to make a bunch of book characters for our reading corner!
Have a lovely day!

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2 Responses to Turn Yourself Into a Puppet

  1. Vikki says:

    I must do this.

  2. valerie says:

    that makes me want to buy fabric glue