Purim Crafts

As you all know – Purim is my absolutely most favourite holiday ever! I know I say that about pretty much all of them, but really, a holiday all about giving (and receiving) baskets of delicious food, special cookies, dressing up, watching a play and then celebrating together? What is not to love?
This year we will not be able to celebrate Purim as George will be having his operation around that time, but that does not stop us from having fun preparing for it!
Today we made some fun Purim crafts, all from paper plates.

We made a Queen Esther mask by cutting a shape from a paper plate, attaching ribbons and drawing on the features with crayons:

picture 1

We also made a really fun noisemaker by filling a paper plate with popping corn, gluing it shut and attaching ribbons:


Our last craft was to make giant Hamantashen by colouring a plate brown, adding tissue paper as “filling” and folding it into the right shape!

picture 1

We had so much fun!

picture 5

Have a wonderful day!

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