Emily’s Owl Hat

When my friend Karina shared a picture of her handmade owl hats on Facebook I just knew that Emily would adore it!
Karina kindly agreed to make a hat for sweet Emi.

She shared a picture of all the different yarn and let Emily pick a colour.
All but the last picture are pictures taken by Karina.

602963_325941260853548_492338329_n (1)

Emily picked a dark pink colour.
Karina kept Emi updated on the progress of the owl hat, and Emi was so proud to be a part of the creation of her hat and loved hearing about where her hat was coming from.


As soon as the hat was finished Emily was waiting by the window for the postman to bring her hat!


When it finally arrived our sweet Owl-Girl couldn’t wait to look at it,

543830_326474587466882_558264712_n (1)

and of course try it on!


We are expecting some heavy snow around here the next few days, the perfect weather for an owl hat.
Thank you, Karina, for the lovely owl hat, Emily loves it so!

(Karina sells her beautiful handmade owl hats on her Facebook page Owlyours. The page is in dutch, but Karina’s English is excellent!)

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3 Responses to Emily’s Owl Hat

  1. Karina says:

    Love your sweet words! Huggs from Holland! Enjoy your snowdays, in Breezand we haven’t any (yet??).

  2. Sonja says:

    That is a most excellent hat! I love Emi’s happy face in the last photo. :-)

  3. valerie says:

    Your friend is so talented
    I could never make something like that
    so cute