Our 2012

Dear friends,
December has been by far the most difficult month this year. Thank you for sticking around during this unexpected and long break from this little space. I am back now.
Poor sweet Georgie has been really upset by everything, his special needs making it hard for him to communicate just exactly how he is feeling.
The last few weeks have been difficult and exhausting, but things seem to be back to normal, and I am so grateful for that.
Our sweet Georgie is having his operation complete with a hearing test in the end of February and I am quite worried about the general anesthetic and short hospital stay.
I am so grateful for the support of our amazing friends and family during this difficult time; My amazing friend Regina sending a lovely parcel our way, uplifting phone-calls, visits and messages, a lot of patience, invitations for lunch and dinner and friends who love us exactly the way we are, it has meant so, so much to us. Thank you.
We have spent the last three weeks staying mostly in, spending time together playing Pictionary, reading stories, baking cookies and doing crafts. Emily has been learning a lot of German with the Doki German App for the iPad, it really is such a fun app and I am amazed at the progress Emily has made. It teaches through an interactive environment and a really fun way to learn. Usually Emily is not a great fan of learning German, but I don’t think she has noticed that she is actually learning with this app. I think we will also buy the Spanish version of it soon.
My amazing friend Regina sent these beautiful stained glass colouring pages our way and we have been enjoying colouring them in and hanging them in our windows. They are beautiful.


2012 has been a really fun year for us, we have really grown to love our little home in the middle of nowhere, focusing on our family, working on our goals. There has been a lot of decluttering and some recluttering, too, all with our long-term goal in mind. (I would love to tell you more, but right now I just don’t want to jinx it!)
I thought I’d share our 2012 round-up with you, so here is our year!












Photo 0












I wish you all a wonderful, amazing and incredible new year.
Much love!

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3 Responses to Our 2012

  1. Natalie says:

    I am sorry to hear you have had challenges the past month. It seems you are a wonderful mommy and take great care of those sweet children! I pray that the surgery will go well. Here is to hoping for a joyful new year!

  2. Carol says:

    So sorry for your tough month. Hoping Geogie’s surgery goes well and that your days are lighter and easier.

  3. Sonja says:

    I’m sorry December has been difficult for Georgie and for you. I’m glad things seem to be looking up and I hope they continue to improve! Happy 2013!