Bournemouth Christmas Market and Giant Chabad Menorah Lighting

We spent yesterday afternoon visiting a Christmas market in the UK. We went to Bournemouth Christmas Market as it was also the day of the annual Chabad Menorah lighting.
We were a bit worried about how busy it might be, but parking was not a problem and it was not as crowded as we expected. The way into the market was a large stone-looking gate, Emily loved it!


The Christmas market itself was very nice, with live music on a big stage, a merry-go-round ride for the little ones and a lot of stalls selling hats, t-shirts and customised holiday decorations.


The food stalls were mostly drinks and crepes, but there was also a shop in the gardens selling sweets and ice-cream.


On our way to the Menorah lighting we even spotted an ice-rink with quite a few people ice-skating.
The prices for ice-skating were quite reasonable, £7.50 for sixty minutes of actual skating for anyone under 16.


We arrived early at the giant Menorah in the gardens, but the wonderful people of Chabad Bournemouth were handing out hot soup and drinks. The lighting itself was joyful and moving, hearing a whole crowd of people proudly recite the blessing made us feel so at home.


After the lighting there were free donuts and latkes for everyone and chocolate Gelt for the children.
We have had a lovely time at the market and the Menorah lighting, and we even made some new friends!
I can’t wait to go again next year!
Have you been to any fun celebrations recently?
Have a lovely day!

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One Response to Bournemouth Christmas Market and Giant Chabad Menorah Lighting

  1. valerie says:

    that sounds so lovely.
    We went to a christmas party at our church.