Top Winter Games

Now that it gets dark so quickly we seem to be spending more and more of our time in, drawing, knitting, reading, crafting and playing boardgames.
This made me realise that it is time to add a few games to our boardgame collection, we especially needed games that Arthur and George could play, too. The lovely people at Mattel kindly supplied us with four new games to add to our collection.

Chameleon Crunch from Mattel

chamaeleon crunch

This game costs £9.99 and it is lots of fun for young children, and even Emily who is six years old, loves it!
You place the plastic bugs on the floor, turn on the chameleon and he starts to walk and talk. The chameleon then opens his mouth and the players have to race to feed their bugs to the chameleon. There are two different modes, either decide to feed him a certain colour or a certain insect. The game is definitely going to burn off some of that extra energy now that we are inside most of the day!

Molehill Mania from Mattel

molehill mania

This game costs £16.99. The concept of the game is simple. You whack the molehill to send moles flying out onto the floor, then you whack the moles with your special mole-collecting mallet. Whoever collects most moles wins the game. It is a great game for little ones and the moles are easy to pick up. They are a little tricky to get out of the mallet and little hands might struggle with this, but the fun of whacking the little plastic moles is definitely worth it. This is another game that is rather energetic, so it’s not one for right before bedtime, but for any other time of the day it is great.

Pictionary from Mattel


Pictionary costs around £20. The 25th anniversary version contains grown-up cards as well as cards especially for children. The recommended age is 8+ but I think it would be fun for younger children, too, as long as they have grown-ups who are good at interpreting their drawings. It is a great game to play together and definitely doesn’t get boring or feel like a game just for children. It is a great way to spend time together and I am looking forward to bringing it along to Christmas Lunch at the Grandparents so that Emily and Grandpa can play it together. (Grandpa always knows what Emily is drawing!)

Uno Roboto by Mattel

uno robot

Uno Roboto costs £24.99 , but if you love Uno then it is definitely worth it. We all love playing Uno together, and the Uno Robot adds a whole new twist to it! You record your names onto the robot and during the game he will randomly call out names and commands like “Arthur, meow like a cat!“. You can record your own rules or choose from a set of suggested rules. The robot itself speaks quite quietly when there are excited little ones around, but that also means that he is not frightening and doesn’t get annoying even if you play again and again. It is a great game to play together on a rainy afternoon.

What are your top boardgames this season?
Have a lovely day!

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