Grateful Friday

Grateful Friday
It has been a long, long week. The little ones are all ill, a cold and a fever, and we have had very little sleep.
Still, there are plenty of things to be grateful for, as always! I am grateful that everyone seems to be feeling a little bit better today.

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I am grateful for lunch with friends, for receiving surprise-parcels in the post, (Thanks, Dad!), and I am grateful for uplifting phone-calls and Spiderman kisses.


I am grateful for favourite recipes shared, plans made, and for the joy and fun of a simple cardboard box playhouse.

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I am also grateful to my lovely husband Anthony for making these lovely buttons so you can all join in with the gratitude, as requested by Carol of StanburyFamilyDiary.
Grab a button, share what you are grateful for and, if you like, leave your link in the comments, too, for everyone to see.

Grateful Friday at

Grateful Friday at

What are you grateful for?
Have a lovely weekend,

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6 Responses to Grateful Friday

  1. Joy says:

    Every Friday, you remind me to remember what I am grateful for and I thank you for that. I am a mom of older kids in Strongsville, Ohio, USA, but I teach four year olds in a local preschool. Your website has inspired me in so many ways and today, please know that I am grateful for you and your words and ideas!

  2. Carol says:

    Sorry you’ve had an ill week, but glad you are feeling better now. Thankyou to your husband for the blog button too.
    Its amazing what fun children will have with a cardboard box.

  3. valerie says:

    Sorry your little ones are ill
    but glad you can find thanks