Autumn Reading List – Our Autumn Book Basket – Sukkot Book List

As promised here is our Autumn reading list. I’m sharing the English book list first, then German and then the Jewish books we tend to read at this time of the year. Not all of the books on our list are strictly autumnal, but some of them are simply books we like to read when it’s rainy outside or books we have been enjoying a lot recently.


Autumn Book Basket (English)

A Wrinkle In Time

Little House In The Big Woods

The Spark

Postman Pat’s Rainy Day

A Rainy Day To Remember

Hedgehog In The Garden

Mr Peabody’s Apples
(I was going to put this book in with the Jewish books as it teaches an old Talmudic lesson, but really it’s not religious in any way.) It is the story of a boy who sees his teacher take an apple from a market stall, seemingly without paying for it. When the boy tells his friends what he saw the story quickly spreads throughout the village causing harm to the teacher’s reputation.


My Little Animal Friends At Home

This book is illustrated by Gerda Muller and has absolutely adorable stories about different animals including hamsters, raccoons and owls. It might just be one of our most favourite storybooks.

The Brambly Hedge Treasury

Moody Cow Meditates

Moody Cow Learns Compassion

The Moody Cow books at the end of the list are not Autumn reading but they are absolutely brilliant and so loved that they end up in every single one of our book baskets. Ever since Angie recommended “Moody Cow Meditates” we have been absolutely in love with the series. Moody Cow Meditates is about Peter the cow who is having a really bad day. He falls off his bike, loses his temper and his friends tease him. Peter feels lost and angry until his grandpa comes over to teach him how to settle his thoughts using a Mind Jar.


We recently got the second book in the series. It is called “Moody Cow Learns Compassion” and in the story Peter and his friend Bully find a snake. Bully enjoys feeding live crickets to the snake but Peter feels sorry for the little creatures. His friend Bully makes fun of him and calls him “Coward Cow”. When Peter tells his grandfather all about it during their daily Mind Jar meditation his grandfather has an idea to make Peter feel better and teach Bully about compassion.


We love this book because it includes some great ideas on how to practise compassion in both big and small ways every single day, for example going on an earth-worm rescue after a big storm.


Autumn Book Basket (German)

We don’t have many German books specifically for autumn, I’m not quite sure why, so it is a rather short list.
I might have to find our favourite German books and share the titles with you some time.

Conni geht zelten

Du siehst Gespenster, Willi Wiberg

Kunterbunte Hexengeschichten

Gib mir einen Kuss, Frau Nuss


Sukkot Book List

This is really more of a Sukkot book list as it’s a bit too late to include any Rosh Hashanah books.

All About Sukkot

Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express

Sammy Spiders First Sukkot

Sadie’s Sukkah Breakfast

The Vanishing Gourds

Wow, this is a long post! I should probably mention that I am not getting paid for all these links, I’m really just sharing what we are reading at the moment.
Today has been a busy day of preparing for Yom Kippur which starts in about three hours, it’s a day of fasting, quiet prayer and meditation, so I won’t be replying to messages until tomorrow evening.
Yom Kippur to me is a time to look at what we are doing, where we are, where we want to be and generally how we are doing. We have made some New Year’s resolutions, we want to read and play more, bake more, sing more, attend the weekly Shabbat service, have more adventures, actually send Thank You cards, (or any kind of card really. I still have a pile of Happy New Year cards ready to send..) and to find slightly more peace and quiet in our daily life.

Oh, and while we are talking about books and New Year’s resolutions, we gave the little ones a brilliant book for Rosh Hashanah! It is called Mission:Explore Food and is a sort of food adventure book. It is full of brilliant ideas of how to get children to think more about the food they eat or get them to try new things.


We loved the idea of cooking in acid which shares a South American dish that is “cooked” just by being placed in lemon juice! Our original plan was to do one page a day throughout the year, but there are quite a few pages in the book that I don’t think our children are ready for just yet, so we will be skipping quite a few of those pages and probably just do happy things like building a Salad City.

What have you been reading lately? What is in your Autumn Book Basket?
Have a lovely day!

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3 Responses to Autumn Reading List – Our Autumn Book Basket – Sukkot Book List

  1. Becky says:

    What a great list (I’m going to have to look for the Moody Cow books – they sound right up our alley!)
    Not autumnal at all, but we are just loving the Tiptoes Lightly books … they are so sweet, and funny. A perfect introduction to chapter books :-)
    Love this post, and already looking forward to your Winter list!

  2. katieh says:

    This is a great list. In fact with birthdays coming up for my two little ones it inspired me to do some shopping!

  3. valerie says:

    I just started reading longer books to my oldest. We’ll be doing a few pages to a chapter at a time.