Preparing for Sukkot – Sukkot Crafts

Sukkot is the Jewish festival of booths and kind of a Jewish Thanksgiving. It’s definitely one of my favourite holidays, but I think I say that about most of them. For Sukkot you are supposed to build a little hut called a Sukkah outside, spend a lot of your time there and even eat your meals in there, too.

(Paper-mache Etrog made by covering a balloon in white glue and yellow tissue paper, inspired by this.)

Realistically we can not spend all day out in the Sukkah, so we decided this year to build our Sukkah indoors! (Inspired by this Rabbi’s indoor Sukkah)
We will still have a small Sukkah outside but the majority of our time will probably be spent in the little hut we are currently decorating in our dining-room. I know it’s not quite right but surely it’s better than ignoring the holiday completely?
As you are supposed to be able to see the stars through the roof of your Sukkah we have been crafting paper stars to decorate the ceiling. I just followed our tissue paper star tutorial to make these, but instead of eight points I only made five.


We will also be recycling some of our Rosh Hashanah decorations and just leave them up.
Emily made these sweet little apple prints by painting half an apple with watercolour paints and stamping the prints onto little felt squares. We then just threaded the squares onto some rainbow wool.


We are looking forward to celebrating Sukkot with our family and friends and can’t wait to share more pictures of our little indoor hut with you!
What are you celebrating this time of year?
Have a lovely day!

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