Our Bedtime Solution – Nici Minilina Doll

Maybe you remember that I mentioned about a week ago that we were having some bedtime troubles with Emily. Nothing too bad, but she simply did not want to sleep. (“At all! Ever!”)
Just a few days later this lovely Nici Minilina Doll showed up on our doorstep, and I’m so happy to say that it has been the solution to all our bedtime problems.


I’m sticking this post into the product review category as we received the doll for free, but please know that I would not be sharing this if it had not worked so incredibly well for us.

The Nici Minilina doll is designed to instantly become a child’s favourite toy, she is soft, exactly the right size and has the sweetest little face.
Minilina is the kind of doll your little one can carry around all day and she has a tiny teddy bear in her pocket.


There is also a foldable doll’s house with reusable stickers so you can decorate and re-decorate Minilina’s bedroom to your heart’s content. Emily changes it around daily and it is a great backdrop for all the fun stories and adventures your little one will enjoy with Minilina.
Minilina’s dress is reversible, which is great because it means your little one gets a choice in how to dress their doll for the day!


My favourite thing about Minilina is how she gently prepares a child for bedtime. She has two pyjamas, an eye-mask, a snuggly blanket and a soft bed that can be used to carry her around,too.
When it is time for Emily to get ready for bed we help Minilina get ready for bed,too.
First we change her into her snuggly pyjamas, then it is time to pretend to brush her hair and teeth.
I love Minilina’s little bellybutton, such a lovely little detail!


Before we tuck Emi into bed she wraps up her Minilina in the soft blanket, kisses her goodnight and places her in the little bed.


This gentle process helps children realise that it will be time for them to go to bed,too. It is a wonderful bedtime routine.


I think Minilina is the perfect companion for any child who might have trouble at bedtime, and she is already one of Emily’s favourite toys.
For children who have difficulties with bath-time there is also the adorable Minilotta doll which you can take into the bath with you.

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2 Responses to Our Bedtime Solution – Nici Minilina Doll

  1. I’m glad you found a quick and easy solution to your problems. We’re having great trouble at the moment with washing my daughters hair – you’d think we were trying to murder her from the noise she makes! Maybe the Minilotta doll could help.

  2. Brandy says:

    What a sweet doll! I’m glad you’ve found some peace at bedtime.