In The Garden – Part One

I feel so blessed to live in a house that has a rather large garden, it is actually more like a small field, and so the intention has always been to eventually grow a large percentage of our own food.
As we are renting of course we can not dig up the entire garden, and really, gardening is a slow learning process for us. We have been looking for advice on how to grow your own food and just recently started turning a small portion of our garden into actual beds for growing.
We are so excited to see what we can grow with minimal effort, which leaves us longing for a bit of sunshine so we can expand, plant, seed and learn!


There is talk of strawberry bushes, potatoes, carrots, garlic and a whole bed full of fresh herbs for tea,too!


We started with just a few seeds that our kind neighbour C gave us, and Emily was so pleased to grow a few wild flowers and beans,too.

growing sunshine

Of course there is also plenty of play happening in the garden now that it is finally sunny!
Our main garden play has been the mud kitchen (more about that tomorrow!)


and building fantastic, magical fairy houses for Emily’s Tinkerbell doll to live in.
Ever since being allowed to watch the Tinkerbell movie as a special treat Emily has been absolutely in love with the idea of building a fairy house for a real fairy to live in.


(A word on the doll: As you know, we don’t have a whole lot of plastic toys, but we picked the Tinkerbell doll for her because it is made of hard plastic, not rubber, and can withstand playing in the garden and survives the bath that follows outside play. This doll is seriously the ideal Fairy House occupant, and it is made by Flair who also make Sylvanian Families, so I absolutely trust their high standards.This doll has survived several months of serious play already, being dressed up in leaves, given mud-baths, climbing trees with Emily and quite a few attempts at flying,too. She is really well made and has inspired all sorts of magical fairy play around here. )


We have been having so much fun building different houses, big and small, for toy fairies and real fairies to live in, picking flowers and weeds (we have plenty of those!) to cover the entrance and make the house feel safe and cosy!


Emily has become an expert at finding things to use as for her houses, usually a cardboard box or an empty basket as the main living space, seashells and stones as tables and chairs, felt for carpet and little flowers and gems as decorations.


I do love summer so, and I can’t wait to see how this space will grow into something even more lovely than it already is. Personally I’d love some bees and chickens, maybe a goat..A Mama can dream!
What is your garden like? I’d love to hear your advice on growing, sowing, farming, homesteading and self-sufficiency!

Have a lovely day!

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7 Responses to In The Garden – Part One

  1. Neve says:

    Hello Miri! As I am typing this, the sun is shining radiantly in Painswick (gloucestershire!). My brothers and sister are running around out on the green, and in our front garden, I hope today will be a nice day like you always have!!!!

    • Hello Neve!
      That sounds absolutely lovely!
      We will be spending the day outside,too, practising some bike-riding and baking some mud pies.
      Have a wonderful day in sunny Painswick!

  2. Your garden space sounds wonderful. We have a much smaller garden which is mostly devoted to growing veg and fruit. The amount produce is very dependent on the weather, so not that much yet this year as it has been so cold. We too would like to keep chickens and bees one day too. I posted a couple of days ago about my garden and how it is doing on my blog, must be that time of year!

  3. Neve says:

    Thank you Miri,
    day 2 is good, and my sister is waiting to turn seven tomorrow, today I will make some bunting outside!

  4. Eva says:

    We have been enjoying fresh peas and green beans, as well as the first apples. Tomorrow my littlest guy and I will harvest and freeze as many apples as we can, to use in muffins and breads this winter. We are also growing beets, carrots, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, onions, lettuce, arugula, and tomatoes this year. All fertilized by our feathered ladies. :)

  5. David Taylor says:

    G’day from (currently bitterly cold) Australia! I am looking for some inspiration to build my little girl a place for all her faerie dolls, she is a real Tinkerbell fan, and I caught your link. Just a thought on gardening. Use pots for fruit trees – they are portable and try no-dig gardening. Use a bale of hay or two and you can grow spuds that don’t need a wash. Look it up and have fun.

    All the best,

  6. Darby says:

    Miri, I love the fairy house! I recently heard about a book series all about fairy houses and wasn’t sure if you have heard of them {} and learned there is a “fairy house island” about an hour north of us in Maine. I will definitely be taking Aubrey one of these days.