Georgie’s ABR / BAER Test

On Tuesday night a very patient doctor came to our home to perform an ABR / BAER Test on our sleeping George. Sadly Georgie woke up just as everything had been set up and there won’t be a second chance to do the test during sleep. The next time it will have to be performed under general anaesthetic, and I am one worried Mama.


We have been using American Sign Language (due to far more resources and ways to learn compared to BSL) with George and he has recently started to sign “more“.
While George’s speech isn’t improving I am so happy to see him improve in so many other ways, today he helped me put clothes into the washing machine and even turned it on, too.

I hope the ABR test will give us some ideas about how to progress, and no matter the result it would be good to know whether George has any hearing at all. I must admit that at this point we are all hoping that he is at least a little bit deaf, because it sure would explain a lot of things!
If your child has had a BAER test I would absolutely love to hear from you, and uplifting words are always welcome,too!
Have a lovely day!

P.S. Thank you to the kind people over at Toca Boca for sending George his new favourite shirt!

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3 Responses to Georgie’s ABR / BAER Test

  1. Katie webb says:

    Oh bless him- it’s so hard isn’t it when your child needs a medical procedure that is for their own good in the long run, but you just can’t explain it to them. My three and a half year old girl is autistic and suffers from a lot of digestive issues, so they are going to have to give her a general to put a camera into her tummy. In a way I am a bit relieved as they wanted to do some tests with her awake but we decided that would just be too distressing for her, so although knocking her out is scary- it will help in the long run and cause her less upset, I’m sure and I think it will be the same for George. It will be a relief to know what is causing all of his symptoms, and then by knowing all the facts, you will learn the best ways to help him. All positive thoughts- you will both be fine! Xx

  2. Jaala says:

    He is a beautiful the hair. I’ve been through those sleepless nights wondering and worrying. Hang in there. Best wishes to you and your sweet little guy.

  3. Robin says:

    Thank you for your beautiful blog! I wandered here from for the mind jars but I love many of the crafts!
    I’m so sorry you are going through all this. My son had an ABR as an infant that was done incorrectly and we were told he was completely deaf. When it was repeated in a larger city, it turned out to be completely normal. I totally understand hoping for an explanation though as my youngest brother (21 years younger than me) has autism. The diagnosis, by the time it came, was something of a relief.
    Have you ever read “Welcome to Holland” before? It was a huge help to me during the weeks I believed my infant son to be deaf. Here’s a link:
    and read aloud: