Five Creative Ways to Make your Children Feel Loved

Recently George has been getting a lot of attention and playdates have been cancelled to fit in appointments.
We are trying hard to make Emily and Arthur feel just as special and not left out, but sometimes it can be so difficult to fit in all the things you would like to do. We try our very best to make sure all our little ones feel loved, and I thought I’d share five ways to make your children feel loved.

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1. Tell them!
It might not be the most creative one, but it is the most important one, because no matter how much you love a child, and no matter how much they feel it, they also need to hear it,too. Don’t be shy, tell them, tell them when they wake up in the morning, tell them when you help them tie their shoelaces, tell them before they leave the house, tell them when they come back, always,always,always tell your children that you love them.

2. Write it!
Writing a love letter to your child can be a wonderful way to make them feel special.
We write to our little ones often and love the idea that they have a large stack of letters to read through when they are feeling sad. Emily had a special post bag to keep her letters in and excitedly checks it each morning for a new letter,note or little surprise. (Our lovely bag came from Woodland Children!)

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3. Pictures and photos
Having pictures of your children around the house will make them feel loved and proud.
Recently a large photo on canvas arrived in our home and Emily smiles whenever she sees it. Of course a normal photograph will do,too,but we love getting photos printed on canvas and have several beautiful prints all made by HelloCanvas,I really recommend them. Put up your little one’s drawings, too, or better yet, get them printed on canvas! Showcase their masterpieces wherever you can, – on the fridge or in frames on the wall! (I love the look of these frames, sadly they don’t ship all the way to our little island.)

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4. Books!
We tell our little ones stories where they are the main character and go on all sorts of fun adventures.
There are lots of websites that offer personalized books,too.
Another great idea is to make a photo book starring all the people in your family!

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5.Talking Hug
Every evening during dinner we spend some time going from person to person telling them something we loved about them that day, something we are grateful for or that made us proud. Usually there is more than one thing and sometimes they are quite silly,too, but it always makes everyone feel special to hear the things the others have to say about them.

What are ways you use to make your child feel loved?
Have a wonderful day!

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2 Responses to Five Creative Ways to Make your Children Feel Loved

  1. Lucy says:

    I try to provide them luxurious comfort in little ways – plumping their pillows, bringing warm pjs after their baths, keeping their skin well creamed (DD has very dry skin). Also little surprises – setting up play scenes for them to find, putting new books in the beds, taking picnic lunches out to them in the garden.

  2. Becca says:

    How beautiful! We like to do one on one things together. We call them dates because my son misunderstood one time when my Mom was taking him out & my dh & I were going on a date. He said he and Gramma were going on a date. It was very cute & the concept stuck.