Grateful Friday and some Minimalism progress,too.

Grateful Friday

Well, what a week it has been!
Some days Georgie really keeps us busy, and this last week was particularly difficult.
I am grateful for friends who cheer us up (and on!) , for Grandpa who drove us all the way home when George simply could not cope anymore, and for those who laughed with us when George ate the Shabbat candles.
Such is life with special needs sometimes, isn’t it?
This week I have been able to do some more decluttering, and as about twenty more large bags of stuff left our home to be donated we have been left feeling much happier.
A difficult one for us were boardgames.
We donated around fifteen games in total, all of these were games that simply were not played with at all. We decided to keep only our six favourite ones.
Six still feels like a lot, but right now they all get played with, so we decided to keep them.
Our favourite boardgame this summer is this lovely wooden jungle draughts set by Baby Republic. We love it because it is chunky, durable, colourful and wooden, and the best part is that it is fairly traded! (You can buy it here )


The other games in our collection are Orchard by Haba which is a sweet co-operative boardgame with wooden pieces,
Enchanted Forest by Ravensburger which promotes storytelling and memory skills,
Snakes and Ladders and Junior Scrabble which offers two ways to play, “normal” Scrabble and an easier version with completing pre-printed words on the board, and a very old and loved copy of Memory by Dick Bruna.

Decluttering can be difficult and I am so very grateful to have moved past the emotionally exhausting part of this journey towards minimalism. This week I am grateful for making space, making the right choices for our family, for boardgames, for my sweet Emily who has been promoted to super-declutterer and for the lady in the shop who gives Emily a little badge for each bag she donates.
I am grateful for mornings spent writing letters,

Photo 1

for chocolate chip icecream, for our lovely doctors who will be coming to our home at night to test Georgie’s hearing while he is asleep, for this little man’s kissy face,


and last but not least, this week I am grateful for summer. Finally.

photo 3

What are you grateful for?
Have a lovely weekend!

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3 Responses to Grateful Friday and some Minimalism progress,too.

  1. mamaUK says:

    What a lovely post! You’re on doing so great on your journey towards minimalism Miri!
    Love the final picture, such beautiful blue skies!

  2. Victoria says:

    Your post has inspired me to deck utter today Miri! I understand the emotional attachment we place on objects. I found it so hard putting away/donating my sons baby toys as it was a real sign he was growing up!

  3. serendipity2012 says:

    we too are in the process of decluttering and find it hard as you know as soon as you get rid of something you find a use it would have been perfect for. However, that said we do have a lot of ‘stuff’ that is kept more for sentimental reasons than any practical use and we need the space for our home ed journey.