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Georgie’s ABR / BAER Test

On Tuesday night a very patient doctor came to our home to perform an ABR / BAER Test on our sleeping George. Sadly Georgie woke up just as everything had been set up and there won’t be a second chance … Continue reading

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Five Creative Ways to Make your Children Feel Loved

Recently George has been getting a lot of attention and playdates have been cancelled to fit in appointments. We are trying hard to make Emily and Arthur feel just as special and not left out, but sometimes it can be … Continue reading

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Grateful Friday and some Minimalism progress,too.

Well, what a week it has been! Some days Georgie really keeps us busy, and this last week was particularly difficult. I am grateful for friends who cheer us up (and on!) , for Grandpa who drove us all the … Continue reading

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Waldorf Craft : Make a Pocket Baby

My grandma teaches a second to fourth grade handwork class and recently made some little dolls with her students. They were a little bit too difficult for Emily still, but were easily adapted to make these sweet pocket babies. They … Continue reading

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Book Review : Summer Books

We recently received two lovely Summer themed books and I thought I’d tell you what they are all about. Cub’s First Summer by Rebecca Elliot This is a beautifully illustrated summer story about a young cub and his Mama. Cub … Continue reading

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Grateful Friday

This week I am grateful for new friends, for old friends who are always there, for my lovely grandma who celebrated her birthday this week and for a little bit of sunshine during a mostly rainy day. What are you … Continue reading

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Summer Beeswax Lanterns

With these rainy days we needed something to brighten our mood and remind us that it is still summer. We collected some flowers on our nature walk and pressed them, and then made these sweet Summer Beeswax Lanterns. They look … Continue reading

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