Grateful Friday and asking you for a favour!

Dear friends.
Today I am asking for your help. Please vote for “Here We Are Together” in the Sainsbury’s Family Blog Award. The prize is an iPad, and those of you who have children with special needs will know what a huge change this can make to a child.
It could help George to communicate with us, it could give him more independence,confidence and , most importantly, a voice. I don’t usually ask for votes, but if you could spare a few seconds of your time please help us out and possibly help change Georgie’s life.

Grateful Friday

This week I am grateful for my little ones who are slowly starting to feel better, there have been boardgames, crafts and even a little trip.

photo (1)

I am grateful for new books, friends who spend time with us even when we are ill, Georgie’s love for Bob Marley and a whole lot of lemon and honey tea.

photo (2)

What are you grateful for?
Wishing you a lovely day!

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3 Responses to Grateful Friday and asking you for a favour!

  1. Chelsey Funk says:

    Done! I hope you win! I hope Georgie gets the iPad! That would be a blessing! I love your blog. God Bless!

  2. Victoria says:

    Voted for you! Good luck!
    Please follow my blog?!

  3. Imogen says:

    I’ve voted for you – and really enjoy your blog. Thanks!