Sponsor Introduction : MyTutor.co.uk

I’m really excited to share our new sponsor’s message with you today!
School and even homeschool lessons can be difficult, and many children fall behind especially in reading,writing and maths.
MyTutor offer a unique and innovative online tuition service for children between 7 and 14 years old, which means that if you or your little one need help with anything you can simply book a session for only £10 for a 30 minute session or £20 for a 60 minute session.
MyTutor is a fun new way to learn. You can pick from a bank of CRB-checked UK based tutors who will then give your child one-on-one tuition.
The MyTutor service supports the National Curriculum, and you can talk to the tutors from the comfort of your own home, which means you don’t even have to travel anywhere or prepare for someone to come to your home.


Some of the MyTutor tutors specialise in helping children with additional educational needs like dislexia and dispraxia, which means that even if you have trouble finding a tutor nearby, you will be able to find a tutor on Mytutor.co.uk.
You don’t need to own a webcam to use MyTutor , the tutor will communicate with your child via an instant messaging system and an online interactive whiteboard on which you can draw,type and write.
All your MyTutor sessions will be recorded and stored so you can view them any time you want.
MyTutor can also help home-educators, if you are feeling stuck or have a problem you can’t solve, simply talk to one of the tutors about it and see if you can work it out together!

To celebrate their launch, MyTutor are giving away a £10 Amazon e-voucher to the first 300 parents who have a free meet-a-tutor session with their child.

This 15 minute session gives you and your child the chance to meet a tutor on the online interactive whiteboard.
This way you and your child can get to know a tutor before deciding whether or not to use the MyTutor service.
There’s no obligation to buy and MyTutor will not even ask you for your payment details.

Book a FREE Meet-A-Tutor Session now and receive a £10 Amazon voucher!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Vikki says:

    this is definitely something i’ll be using in the future, thanks Miri.