Our Mealtime Blessings

I shared our Mealtime Blessings with you a little while ago.
Since then so much has changed in our life, but one thing has always remained the same : Before every meal we take some time for everyone to gather their thoughts, then we take each other’s hands and say a blessing.

Many of our blessings these days include thanking G-d for our food, but there are also a few that thank nature,earth,rain,sun and wind.


Here are some of our favourites, a happy mix of religious and non-religious blessings.

Religious Mealtime Blessings:

Let us pause before we eat and think about the ones in need
of food and shelter and of love,
please bless us all, dear G-d above.

We thank you, G-d , for happy hearts,
for rain and sunny weather.
We thank you, G-d, for this our food,
and that we are together.

Thank you for the world so sweet,
thank you for the food we eat,
thank you for the birds that sing,
thank you, Lord, for everything.

To G-d who gives our daily bread a thankful song we raise,
and pray that he who sends us food may fill our hearts with praise.


Non-religious Mealtime Blessings:

Earth who gives us our food, sun who makes it ripe and good,
Dear Mother Earth , dear Father Sun, we won’t forget what you have done.

Thank you, Earth , for our food,
the vegetables, the bread, the fruit.
For every cup and plateful,
We are truly grateful.
Blessings on us & our family.

Earth we thank you for this food,
for rest and home and all things good,
for wind and rain and sun above, but most of all
for those we love.

Blessings on the blossom,
blessings on the root,
blessings on the leaf & stem
& blessings on the fruit.

Give thanks to Mother Earth,
Give thanks to Father Sun,
Give thanks to the plants from the fields
where Mother and Father are one.


I hope some of these sweet blessings can be useful for you.
If you have a special blessing or verse that is not listed here feel free to share it in the comments.
Wishing you a lovely day!

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2 Responses to Our Mealtime Blessings

  1. Carol says:

    Once when my son was very little, he wanted to say the blessing before dinner. It went like this:
    I love God (dramatic pause)
    I love Jesus (bigger dramatic pause)
    And I love Jiminy Cricket!

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for sharing all of these, our dinner time blessing is in your list :)

    I was thinking the other day it might be time to switch things up a bit with our blessing, so this list has come at the perfect time.