Lent : 40 Days of Peace and Quiet

After a morning at a not-quite-local playgroup the long walk home through the fields and past the farms felt unusually quiet.
It was Emily who first pointed it out : “Mama, it is so quiet that I can hear my own thoughts in my head!“.
Of course I knew exactly how she felt, and so , when we got home, we all knew what we had to give up for Lent.


Our home is a noisy home. Good noise, happy noise, but noise nonetheless.
Our days begin with songs and music during our morning circle-time, and there is usually someone singing, playing the flute or trying out the guitar at any given time during the day. The last thing we do before bed is evening circle-time filled with lullabies and sleepy songs.

Once the decision had been made we started to find all the hidden noises.
Our Music Basket moved into the kitchen only to be brought out during Morning and Evening Circletime, (We decided to keep those two important parts of our daily rhythm.) the guitar went upstairs and the very few noisy toys we had were switched off and put away.


After only just a few hours of being completely noise-free we started to feel the difference.
Life seemed slower, calmer and more peaceful.
There was time for thoughts, quiet drawing and more reading than we usually do.


The way we talked changed from wanting-to-be-heard to not-wanting-to-disturb the peace,
and my favourite of all the changes that being completely noise-free has brought?


Who would have thought that the sacrifice of eliminating joyful noises would bring such blessings?
Why don’t you join us and see what noisy things you can give up for 40 days, and what blessings you might find in return?
Wishing you a lovely day!

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8 Responses to Lent : 40 Days of Peace and Quiet

  1. cary says:

    love it

  2. How wonderful! Our home is a noisy home too, but a different noisy. We still watch tv in our home, way too much of it in fact. A year a half ago, I wanted to cancel the cable and only allow the kids to watch the occasional movie, and just then, my hubby went and ordered the HD box with all the extra channels. I do find that when I turn the tube off, the kids seem quieter, and they fight less.

    Thanks for sharing this post! I just might join you in this quest for calm and peacefulness and give up noise for Lent too.

  3. Andrea says:

    Wonderful! I love the idea of creating more peace and quiet. I recently read a book by a woman who had one day of silence a week. I loved the idea (but it would be impossible w/ three little kids in the house); I think I’ll start noticing when/how we make noise and how to redirect to quiet.

  4. cindy says:

    Lovely! What is the book with the picture of all the wee folk carrying lanterns is you don’t mind me asking?

  5. Gemma says:

    what a lovely post…I have given up Face book for lent and its no way need as hard as i thought.Although thats probably because i have friends blogs to keep me up to date. xxxx