Kid’s Valentine’s Day Craft : Love Pebbles (“You Rock”- Rocks)

These sweet favours or Valentine’s Day gifts are really easy to make, but I thought I’d share them anyway as we still have a few days left until Valentine’s Day.
We already gave a few to friends who love to hold them, and they are cute enough to use as decorations,too!

Lovely Pebbles


You will need:

Light coloured pebbles
PVA glue
A paintbrush
Scraps of tissue paper or fabric


How to:
Wash your pebbles in soapy water and dry them thoroughly.
Cut heart shapes from tissue paper or fabric.


Glue your heart shapes to the pebble and brush glue over it.


Then all you have to do is let it dry!


We wrote “You rock” on the other side of the pebbles we gave to friends.


Make a whole lot and give them to all the people you love or like.


Have a lovely day

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