Monday night Emily cut her own hair.
Before I had children I didn’t know about this. I would hear someone say that their child gave themselves an awful haircut and think “Why on earth was your child unsupervised anywhere near scissors?!” , but here I am, and here is my wonderful,smart 5-and-almost-a-half-year-old with a stylish new haircut.


I asked her why she did it, and she said she wanted to look like a Barbie.
That’s my fault. I make an effort to point out that Barbies do not look like real people, so when we went to a shop on Monday and Emily picked up a doll, I think it was a Bratz doll, I said “It doesn’t look like a real person at all!” Looking back I can see how that backfired. Live and learn. Emi’s hair being a whole 30cm shorter is definitely something I won’t forget.

At first there were tears, (mostly from me.) but we made plans to buy some new hairclips and make some headbands,
and in the end all was well.


Emi, of course, is very happy with her new haircut, she loves having short hair, and she loves that it now looks a lot darker than it did before.
She asked me to show her picture to everyone because she was wondering if they might say “Wowsers!“, and, of course, they did. (Thank you!)
I’m getting used to Emi’s new hair, it suits her personality, and she is very happy.
What more could I possibly want?



Wishing you a lovely day!

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9 Responses to “Wowsers!”

  1. Pip says:

    Oh dear!!! glad you have made the best of it though! she does look like a cheeky one lol

  2. Andrea says:

    All kids do this, I think (though one of my sons cut his brother’s hair, not his own), usually before picture day. I think it’s a little bit scientific experimentation (what will happen if…) And a little exerting control in a world that’s always bossing them around. The good thing is that it grows back. Wowsers indeed.

    • I’m thinking it was probably more of a scientific experiment, I’m just glad she likes the end result, not sure what we would have done if she had hated it! I’m glad she didn’t attempt to cut anyone else’s hair!

  3. LOL! Oh dear!

    I don’t think it matters where you put the scissors, if they’re determined to find them…

    Years ago my eldest two (now 17 and 15) cut their hair. They were about 6 and 4/5 at the time. I was upstairs putting away washing and realised it had gone very, very quiet (not a natural state of affairs with my eldest two). I came downstairs to find them trying to glue their hair back on with a glue stick.

    It was rather hard not to laugh.

    To get the scissors they had had to fetch a chair to the kitchen side, climb onto the kitchen side and fetch the scissors from high on a shelf.

    And no, I hadn’t been upstairs more than 5 minutes.

    They had cut locks out VERY close to their scalp – quite scary really! We had to use clippers to take their hair right back (because of where they’d cut) and even the clippers didn’t go close enough.

    Oh well, hair does grow, eventually :0)

    • Oh goodness, what a sight that must have been! We keep scissors up high in a kitchen cupboard,too. Children can be so quick and quiet when they want to, can’t they? I’m just grateful for hairclips to hold all those stray spiky bits of super-short hair in place!

  4. Pumpkinbear says:

    Good thing it looks lovely! My four-year-old once cut her two-year-old sister’s hair nearly to the scalp so that they wouldn’t have to fight about ponytail rings anymore, sigh. It happens.

  5. Kim says:

    This made me smile…kids can are so determined when they get something in their heads. You made the best of it, she loves it and the best part, it grows back :)

  6. Angie says:

    I think her new cut is adorable! Heck, I wouldn’t mind that style for my 22-year-old self!!! I cut my own hair as an adult, or with my wife’s help. She’s a natural… As for me, not so much. 😉