Winter Blessings

With three little ones who are ill, little sleep and a house that,well,could be a lot tidier than it is, it can be difficult to see the goodness, so today I have been paying extra attention to those sweet winter blessings,
the goodness all around us, the love between us and the time we spend together.

Today’s Winter Blessings:

Star-shaped candles lit during the dark morning hours,


Sniffly nosed children climbing close for comfort, snuggling under blankets to share the Christmas story,
our George finding more and more words every day,today laughing a loud and confident “Ho Ho Ho“.


Homemade pies filled with sweet apples,raisins and cinnamon.


Little hands that bring me books to read to them.


What are your Winter Blessings?
Have a beautiful day.

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One Response to Winter Blessings

  1. Lenka says:

    Beautiful! I am inspired to capture my blessings In photos now :). Your pies look delicious!

    I’m also reminded to get out the Playmobils. Good fun :)

    Sending more blessings your way :)