Our Winter Nature Table (& a few words about Nature Tables,too.)

I often get emails asking about just how to do the Nature Table the right way.
The truth is, there is no right way, but here are a few ideas that work for us.

Where to put the Nature Table?

It depends on why you want to have a Nature Table! If you want a beautiful,perfect Nature Table you can put up a high shelf and have a Nature Table for display only,
but if you want your children to take part in decorating the table it will need to be easy to reach.
Side tables are a great place to have a Nature Table to give older children the opportunity to help with the table but keeps it out of younger children’s reach, which can be good if you plan to keep small things like rocks or acorns on it.
If you can, keep the Nature Table close to the way into your home, that way things you collect on Nature Walks can easily be put onto the table and don’t get forgotten in pockets and bags.
Our Nature Table is on a window sill, which makes it easy to make the connection between outside and inside.

What to put on the Nature Table?

The Nature Table is not about having a place to keep all your beautiful wooden toys, even though they can make lovely additions to Nature Tables. Most of all it should be a place to keep , well, nature.
Pinecones, pebbles,rocks,flowers and branches are all good things to put on a Nature Table. Just go for a Nature Walk and take a little bag along, collect things that you find beautiful or interesting.
In the winter we put cinnamon sticks on our Nature Table, too.


Add something seasonal to the table. We have the Gerda Muller Seasons books set and display the right season on our Nature Table.
A painted tealight holder can be nice,too.


A needle felted Mother Earth watches over our Nature Table, in the Spring she holds fresh flowers, in the Summer she wears a crown of daisies, in Autumn she carries a large leaf and in the Winter she wears a woolly hat.


Decorate the wall or window behind the table, too. On our old Nature Table we had painted signs and silks hanging on the wall to add a backdrop.
During the Winter we tie string to little doilies and hang them in the window to make snowflakes.
We also hung a little beeswax star bunting to add a nice smell.


Another nice thing to do to involve children is adding handmade things and crafts.
Our needle felted Christmas elf sits on a corner of our Nature Table right next to our Beeswax Lantern.


The most important thing to remember is that your Nature Table is for you. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look waldorfy enough or your only seasonal things are made of plastic. This is a place for you and your little ones to bring a little bit of the outside world inside. There is no right or wrong way to set up a Nature Table, and as long as you enjoy building it and adding to it then it is perfect.
Share your Nature Table tips in the comments below!
Wishing you a beautiful day.

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6 Responses to Our Winter Nature Table (& a few words about Nature Tables,too.)

  1. Andrea says:

    I love this! I love the combination of nature bits and handmade crafts. We do ours very similarly; right now (fall) it’s on a windowsill and includes acorns, rocks, leaves, chestnuts, wool and wood animals (squirrel, owls, etc.), a dead butterfly in a jar, a dried dragonfly body and an antler. This weekend we’ll switch to winter, with lots of gnomes, a Christmas village and a moss garden.

  2. Lenka says:

    Thanks for this post- I’m inspired to refresh our nature table at home and school. We keep many treasures. We change out th nature with the seasons, too. Seashells in the summer, acorns in fall, pinecones in winter, flowers in spring… Rocks all year :). Children love rocks :)

    A very popular item at school is the magnifying glass that we keep on the table. Children love exploring the fine details of treasures they find. Maybe I’ll search for a prettier one for Christmas. It’s functional right now but not very aesthetically lovely.

    Happy winter season! Enjoy! :) Lenka

  3. mamaUK says:

    Beautiful nature table! What book is in the final photo? It looks like a great book on Winter!

  4. Cornish mummy says:

    You know I hadn’t even thought about opening up to Gerda Muller book to make a background x thank you x

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