Dealing with Anger in Children : Own your Anger : Make an Anger Puff

A very useful tool for dealing with an angry child is to help them own their anger, to realize the signs, and eventually reasons for their anger.
When I was talking to my amazing somewhat-sister Vikkibum the other day, we were talking about how sometimes the littlest things can trigger anger, but how it usually comes down to a few very simple basic things like needing a snack,hug or drink.

We use an Anger Puff to help our children calm down.


The Anger Puff is a nice way for children to visualize anger and work out ways to feel better.
Once the child has calmed down, had a drink and a hug it will be a lot easier to get to the cause of the
problem and work it out calmly.

In our home we tell a story.
Every child, even before he is born, has a tiny Anger inside him.
The Anger is peaceful and happy as long as the child eats , drinks and sleeps enough.
Sometimes, though, when the Anger gets cross, he makes the child he lives in angry.
He makes the child so angry that the child will yell and shout, opening his mouth
wide enough for their Anger to jump out.
Once the Anger is outside he will want to be cared for, so you need to look after him and
make him happy enough to go back inside your tummy and go to sleep.

How to make your own Anger Puff:

You will need:

A Balloon
Tissue paper
Googly Eyes
Cardboard or pre-cut arms / wings
White Glue


Mix 2 parts of water with 1 part of white glue.
Paint your balloon with this mixture and stick on the tissue paper.
(Leave the bottom of the balloon uncovered.)
We repeated this about four times.
Let it dry over night.


Once it’s dry pop the balloon and carefully remove it from the tissue paper.
Stuff your tissue paper ball with more paper, fabric scraps or newspaper, this will help
the Anger Puff keep his shape.
Once that is done glue some more tissue paper over the hole.


Now you are ready to decorate your Anger Puff,
give him a fun face , arms, wings, feet or maybe even horns!


Now it’s time to look after your Anger Puff.
When your little one gets angry get the Anger Puff and try and think of ways of making him
feel better.
Does he want a drink?
Maybe he needs a hug or thinks it is a little bit too noisy?
Here’s a little printable picture to help you care for your Anger Puff.

Caring for your Anger Puff

I hope you enjoy making and playing with this as much as we do.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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7 Responses to Dealing with Anger in Children : Own your Anger : Make an Anger Puff

  1. Franzi says:

    About five or six months ago, I might have needed my own Anger Puff. Until now, I really never got to the point where I could contain my emotions in a noisy/hungry/tired state of mind. It’s really, really wonderful that you give your kids a way to express the stress they experience!

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  3. Stella says:

    You have some really beautiful ideas, what a lovely way to teach emotional literacy. I have a 2.5yr old who has just met the anger gremlins from her tummy!

    Stella x

  4. Nancy Garcia says:

    These are great ideas that I can use when working with the students at my school. Thanks

  5. What a beautiful way to help children deal with anger! I’m sharing on my Anger Toolbox for Kids page:

    Wendy =)

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  7. Angela says:

    Hi Miri,
    Just found your site and looking forward to digging in. Come here by way of finding ways to help my 3 1/2 year old cope with his (intense) feelings of anger and frustration. Causing problems at preschool right now. Wake up call to daddy and me that we are not being gentle enough with our little guy. Anyway, my question — there is no way the anger puff guy would last longer than 2 minutes with this tissue paper state of being. Is there a particular reason he needs to be tissue paper? I think I’m asking if my guy would be missing something if we made it of something more durable. Thank you and blog on!