The Weekend is for .. breathing!

I am so grateful for the weekend.
This last week has been so stressful, I have been feeling like I am always ten twenty steps behind the children.
We were looking for a simple craft and decided to sew some more felt leaves together.


No one was that much into it, and the little ones got bored after the second one, but luckily, just as I was running out of ideas, the postman knocked on our door.
He brought us a lovely surprise, a construction toy called Zoob.


These Zoobs are our third plastic toy, and I must say, I love them!
The little ones,do,too.

While I might prefer natural toys, I love toys that encourage creativity in the way the Zoob toy does!


The children spent all afternoon building their own creations or copying the suggestions from cards that came with the set, and they had great fun.
Emi built this spinning top she was very proud of:


I’m really grateful this fun toy came along and saved our day,
I think I really need to remember that a little change, a little exception to the rule, can really turn a day around and give everyone some time to breathe, to play and to be.
(..& to knit!)

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

ps// I didn’t get paid for this post, I just genuinely like the toy!

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2 Responses to The Weekend is for .. breathing!

  1. Rain says:

    My son is a serious engineer. Our house is always trashed…he doesn’t play with toys, he plays with furniture, kitchen utensils, tools, etc. He constructs elaborate things in 3-D (at the expense of never touching a colored pencil, paint brush or needle & thread), so this looks like the very thing – if only I could keep him from losing every last one …he also likes to hide “treasure” which means we lose many things! 😉

  2. Sounds like an awesome toy my son would absolutely adore! He’s really good at building and using his imagination, like Rain’s son. He also trashes our entire house almost on a daily basis, but he also really likes to sit down and build things with his lego’s or the old wooden Tinkertoy I found at a yard sale last year. It’s so nice that you had that surprise in the mail at the very moment they were all getting bored. Hope you had time to knit! 😉