Waldorf Crafts : Child Friendly Tissue Paper Window Stars

If you have ever visited a Waldorf school you will have seen these beautiful, colourful stars filling the windows.
They are fun to make, but usually so complicated that they are an activity reserved for much older children or even grown-ups. This version of Window Stars is made of tissue paper, not kite paper, which is easier for little hands to fold.
It also doesn’t involve any cutting and works with squares, so in a way they are a child-friendly “cheat” version of the proper stars.
Emily who is now 5 has fun making these.

Tissue Paper Window Stars

You will need:

Eight squares of tissue paper (we use 10 x10 cm)


How To:

Fold your paper square in half.


Open it up again and fold it the other way.
When you open it again you should have a cross through your paper like so:


Fold all four pointy corners into the middle:


Then, this step is difficult to explain, fold two of the corners towards the middle so it looks like this:


You have just made the first point of your window star!
Make seven more.
To glue them together dab some glue into the bottom right corner of the first point and attach the second point.


Work your way around the star until you have used all your tips and made a lovely Waldorf inspired window decoration!


These are so easy that you and your little ones will want to make more, so be prepared to fill your windows!


Wishing you a wonderful day!

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10 Responses to Waldorf Crafts : Child Friendly Tissue Paper Window Stars

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  2. This is a great tutorial. We make these stars all the time and people frequently ask us how. In the future I will just direct them to your site. Thanks!!

  3. Tracy Parker says:

    Love these Jack and i are going to have a go this afternoon.. Wish us luck that we don’t to tangled lol. We are both left handed and tend to fold things backwards :-))

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  5. Marie says:

    So cool, cheers Marie

  6. Diana Floyd Stone says:

    We are going to try this this afternoon and possibly try the wax painting after we get them folded. Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas!

  7. Barbra says:

    These look like a lot of fun. Hope to make them soon.

  8. Barbra says:

    These look like fun. Hope to do them soon.

  9. Michele says:

    We have kite paper and haven’t tried making our own stars yet (I have a homeschooled 6yo). Do you have a source to share for the colored squares of tissue paper? I don’t recall seeing them before. Thanks!