Books We Love: “When I dream of ABC” by Mr Henry Fisher

A book that we have been looking at a lot these past few days is “When I dream of ABC” .


This book is not your usual alphabet book, it is full of fun little fantasy facts (Did you know that Vampires drink hot chocolate through tiny holes in their teeth?) and beautiful illustrations. The author of this book is Mr Henry Fisher, who is also the illustrator. You can really tell how much thought,time and love went into each illustration.
Each page is a whole little world full of magic and detail.


We have been using it as a bedtime story book because it is nice and long but doesn’t get boring, and there are no scary pages. (Even W for Witch is not scary at all.)
Emily’s favourite page is of course F for Fairy ,
but all the other pages are wonderful and dreamy,too.


I actually like the illustrations so much that I am going to frame the A, G and E for the little one’s bedrooms.


I really recommend “When I dream of ABC” .Thanks to the witty words and gorgeous illustrations this is one alphabet book you won’t get bored of.
(I promise!).

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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2 Responses to Books We Love: “When I dream of ABC” by Mr Henry Fisher

  1. Eva says:

    Looks beautiful!

  2. Delightful! We will definitely put it on our wish list :-)