Grateful Friday

Grateful Friday

This Friday I am grateful for the realisation that all this plastic was no good,
that it was taking over our life, and our little one’s playtime.
So we put it away.

I am grateful for understanding children who are happy to go back to wooden toys,


I am grateful for the beautiful,natural play that comes with wooden toys,
I am grateful for the peace & the quiet that they bring,


I am grateful for the people they remind us of,
the people who saw these toys and thought of us,


I am grateful for the re-discovery of some old favourites,
especially the sewing machine.


I am grateful for the weekend ahead of us, so full of fun,play,family board-game times, dance parties , popcorn and hot chocolate.
I am grateful for all that we have, & I am grateful because we can be grateful, not always want more,more,more. I am grateful because our life is good, & because we know it.
What are you grateful for?
Have a lovely weekend.

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One Response to Grateful Friday

  1. Franzi says:

    Recently, I’m pretty much grateful for my whole life. For the friends I have – one of them had a minor collapse yesterday, which was when I found out just how much I love them. For my family – I so much enjoy being back home for the weekend! For being on speaking terms with you again, Miri. I’m also grateful for how much bette my life became 4 weeks ago after breaking up with my boyfriend (I KNOW it sounds pathetic, but it’s really just the truth. It wasn’t a very healthy relationship). And I’m grateful for all the people I will be spending my weekend with tomorrow.
    Have a wonderful weekend!