We finally,finally got some autumn weather over here.
It is so good to come back from a long walk full of puddle-jumping in the rain to a warm home, hot pumpkin juice, baked apples and cauldron cakes.
This year it has been a rather sudden shift from noisy outside play to slow and quiet inside play, and it’s so different from past years, but in a way it is really good.
On our autumn-shelf we have three different sections, one for autumn books, one for autumn toys and one for the toy of the month.
This month our toy of the month is a little play quilt in lovely autumn colours, and it is the perfect toy for the transition from out to in.


There truly is nothing better than a season spent just that little bit closer,our first rainy season in our tiny cozy home.
Books,knitting,candles,special projects,quilts… it is going to be wonderful!

What are your autumn plans?
I hope you are all having a lovely day!

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4 Responses to inside

  1. Darby says:

    I love the autumn quilt!! Such a cute idea. Did you make it or buy it somewhere?

  2. Laura says:

    sounds so cosy!

  3. Miri says:

    Let say we first need the autumn finally start here (up to 40 degrees just yesterday) to start making our plans…:)
    I am happy to see that the tree helps you in your play..:)
    Beautiful quilt – did you make it? What are you knitting?
    Kisses and hugs…

  4. Miri says:

    sorry for the late reply! the quilt is off etsy from the lovely user “woolfoodmama”.
    I’m currently knitting up some arm warmers and leg warmers, simple mindless knitting is just the relaxing thing i need right now!
    I hope all is well with you <3