Review: Brio Blocks Magnetic Train

Last week a package arrived on our doorstep. It was a Brio Magentic Train sent to us by Trevor of Hello Baby.


Today we finally found some time to have a good play with, and I must say, it is absolutely lovely!!
The train set consists of 11 brightly coloured pieces.


The sturdy wooden blocks all have magnets inside to make stacking easy even for the littlest ones. (It says 12+ months, but I can see much younger children happily playing with this.)
George absolutely loves his new train, it did not take him long to figure out the magnets, and he spent quite some time just putting the two train carriages together and taking them apart again just to see them click into place .


He was thrilled when he discovered that the blocks,too, were magnetic. He still has some trouble stacking “normal” blocks, so this really seemed to give him a lot of confidence.


He soon got more creative in his playing and stacking and started building sideways, too!


He loves pushing the train around and has come back to play with it many, many times already today, which is really unusual for him, as he is really, really picky when it comes to playing.
As you all know , I am quite picky,too, but I trust Brio and I know that my little ones are safe when they play with this, even if a block was to get licked or chewed.

All in all, I would really truly recommend this toy for any child who enjoys building with blocks, and even Emily , who is now four years old already , (four!!) really likes it. I know that it will last a very, very long time, as my little ones have some of the Brio toys I used to play with as a child, and that is really not something you find very often these days.

I hope you liked my little review!

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One Response to Review: Brio Blocks Magnetic Train

  1. Eva says:

    Looks like fun! Do the blocks stay on when you pull/push it?