right now

Not many words today,
things have been so busy!

right now

today’s mess:

this morning
trying to take a picture of all three little ones :
(in their pajamas)


last night
knitting breasts for Lactation Consultants of Great Britain:


trying on Mama’s glasses & looking good:


I hope you are all doing well,
we have been taking a little time to ourselves, not visiting the grandparents twice a week like we usually do,
(I think they needed a break..) and focusing on what will happen in our life now.
I am going back to work as a Doula and will soon start my volunteer work for HomeStart, so we had a lot to talk about and prepare.

We still haven’t found a new home yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed (that’s what english people do), our thumbs “pressed” (that’s the german way) and stand on our toes (that’s how it’s done in africa! ) , and of course we are doing a lot more than just hoping, praying and waiting, too.

I hope you are all doing well,
I am sorry I have not been good at responding to emails, we’re mostly using the computer to look for a houses these days.
Wishing you all a lovely day,

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2 Responses to right now

  1. Eva says:

    Good luck with finding a new place! I didn’t know you were a doula, that’s a wonderful profession! We had a doula at every birth, and it was wonderful (well, the second and third time). Not to sound stupid, but are you going to felt the breasts? (One of those questions I never thought I’d ask anyone…)

  2. Traumkraut says:

    wow. knitting breasts…. I’ve never thought on knitting breast…

    I am impressed.