No, we still don’t have a house yet, but this week, so far, has been full of smiles.


It’s quite sad really that it took all this to make me realize that we make our own happiness,
but just now, when it seemed like we were missing out on all the good stuff, when we were far too busy to do anything fun at all, that’s when it happened. It wasn’t an instant change, but slowly, really slowly, we are getting back to doing things we used to do.
I picked up some yarn today and got some lovely brass knitting needles from a very lovely lady (thanks!), and I already feel a lot better.
I now knit while Anthony reads Harry Potter to us, and it is so good.


It’s really all those little things that make our life happy,
this little one and his lovely big smile, it’s brilliant!

He started making those tiny little baby noises, and I just can’t stop smiling.

I love this little man so very much, it’s funny to think that just two months ago he wasn’t even here yet.
Well, not properly,anyway. He’s been around before that, of course, listening, finding out about us.
I hope he is happy that he chose us, I hope he likes it here.
Emily loves him so fiercely, she is always showing him thinks, asking him questions,
(“Do you like my princess dress,Archie?”)
I can’t wait till they can play together a bit more than they do now.
I finally ordered some basic craft supplies, as we had run out a while ago but really could not afford to get new things. That was a difficult time.


I didn’t tell you about it back then, because we don’t want people to worry, but when you can’t even pick up a set of glitter glue for £1 then you know things are bad. They really were. But we made it through. Well, almost, we still don’t have a new place to stay, but we are a bit better now.
We have had a lot of help from friends and family, and I think we never said thank you often enough for that. Thank you!.
I also think I need to apologize to some people still for not being very social during that time. I would have loved to go out for coffee and such, but I really could not.The reason for all that was that a while ago Anthony had to quit his job and work from home because there were problems with Emily . She was not feeling well, and she changed. We are now seeing doctors to help her feel better, don’t worry, she’s okay, but Anthony is still very much needed at home, I could not homeschool Emily and the boys on my own.
Did you see what I did? I called them “the boys”. I love that, but I really must be careful not to do that too often,
I think Arthur will look a lot like George, and I want to make sure that I know who he is, I don’t want his personality to get lost in all that “looking like Georgie” thing.
Emily is doing much better now, we are even doing crafts now.
Baby steps, though, starting out simple again, today a magic wand:


She loves all the magic that is spilling from the Harry Potter books into our daily life, and I’m not bothered. I think I might be enjoying it more than the little ones are.
We are probably looking at another house tomorrow, but for now I have to go & pack some things into boxes.
Wishing you all lovely day!

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2 Responses to happiness

  1. Darby says:

    I’ve probably told you this a million times.. you are such an inspiration. Always staying positive. Always having something nice to write about. Your children are so lucky to call you their mama. I’m sure Arthur is very happy he chose you. :)

  2. Lucy says:

    Something similar happened to us – and I know how it is so hard not to be able to get those little things that make life fun and colourful. Do your little ones like fairy wool? I would LOVE to send them some if they do…it makes my children so happy and they love the colours and really, even if they eat it what harm can it do?