Truth or Dare

I feel like this little place here has not been very honest.
There are a lot of things that I have not been sharing , the truth is it has not been easy for us recently.

Money is tight , (Isn’t it always? For everyone? It’s not just us, is it?) and noone is sleeping much these days.
I’m up most nights till Boo falls asleep, and Anthony gets up early with Emily & then he works downstairs while Emily plays, and Boo and me, we get to sleep on. I nap so much now, too.
It takes most of my energy just to stay awake during the day.
I know my body is doing what it needs to to get that sweet baby of ours to grow,grow,grow, but I am struggling.
The weather helps, it’s good for everyone to just explore all day, to just get out there, dig, plant something, pick something, get messy.
Soya chocolate milk popsicles are brilliant. They keep me going. Or, us, really.
I love this picture of Emily , she looks like a lion.


The baby, swimming happily inside me, we’re not so sure about the name anymore.
I still think he’s a girl, but he isn’t, we’ve seen that. It’s just one of those things. We’ll wait till he is here & then decide. Is it really up to us to decide? My friend Sarah, she is very much how you’d imagine a Sarah. I wonder if her parents knew she would be this way, or if she is the way she is because of her name.

We have been doing a lot of gardening, it’s so good to be outside again, I love our garden. I love all our little water features.


The tiny waterfall was quite dirty , so we tried to clean it. Turns out that was a bad idea,
it’s been foaming for days! At least it smells great now, of peaches.
We’ve been washing the foam away every morning now and it’s a lot of fun.
I think when it’s all gone we’ll miss it. Maybe we will need to clean it again.


There are so many things that still need doing, I feel that our Baby is on his way, that we are so close to meeting him, and I need to go to the library soon, before I can’t carry the books home anymore.
And I need to get some pictures printed, but I can probably find some place online that sends them to us.
That would be neat.

Sometimes it’s really difficult not to have a car, but then I’d feel really ridiculous driving to the library.
At least I think I would.

Our whole house smells of clary sage & rosemary.
Some people think clary sage stinks, but I really love the smell. I honestly do.

This post is all over the place, but I really wanted needed to share this with you. This blog is about our journey, our life, and if I’m sharing the up’s I really should be sharing the down’s.

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5 Responses to Truth or Dare

  1. Cary says:

    Hey, love. You aren’t alone. We all feel like that sometimes…. especially when going through something momentous, like making a new person! You are doing great, and everything will work out well. Sending lot’s of good thoughts your way.

    PS… I don’t even drive! I have a car, but can’t get myself to learn to drive it. We walk everywhere and everyone thinks I am ridiculous… but I can’t worry about that;) Your yard looks amazing!

  2. heather says:

    oh yeah. it’s all over the place, this experience, isn’t it!! but we are in our own driver’s seat, sort-of. i like to remind myself of that lately when i feel i’m going down a worm hole. i’m like, hey, do you want to go there? cuz you could also go somewhere else, you really could if you try. that’s what i did yesterday and today and it worked. maybe the hormones of the past two days have been on my side. hormones are insanely powerful, right? anyhoo. it works sometimes. brilliantly. and then sometimes i just don’t remember or even catch myself before i am with the worms. gross, huh! i am so in love with your little swimmer! he or she is totally going to guide you to its name. they do that. you think it’s you coming up with it, but it’s them putting it in your ears. that’s what i feel happens. thanks for your comment today. i liked it.

    i LOVE clary sage. LOVE it. i am looking forward to your next few weeks!! do you do homebirth or?? thinking of you, friend.

  3. Andrea says:

    I have been following your blog for about a year now and I often marvelled at your energy and enthusiasm…I still do!! I am 14 weeks pregnant myself and struggling with things to do for my 3 y.o. even though I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep! You are definitely NOT alone in the world :-)

  4. kaeptn says:

    Am Ende eines jeden dunklen Tunnels findet sich ein helles Licht! Ich w√ľnsche, dass es euch bald wieder besser geht!

  5. la dayna says:

    I <3 You
    you are amazing
    having 2 + 1 on the way is so hard. You are NOT alone.