We are summering!

I just love how things smell when they dry outside in the sun!


I must admit, I am not a summer person, I like rain, I like it when it’s cold outside and we are snuggled up inside with warm socks and hot chocolate, but these two, they are really teaching me to love summer.




What I love most is how at the end of the day the little ones find their way inside the house again, cold, wet and hungry , and after a warm shower they snuggle up in their pajamas & fall asleep exhausted from all the playing they have done during the day.

Have a lovely weekend!

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4 Responses to Summering

  1. Jules says:

    Gorgeous photos :)

  2. mamaUK says:

    this weather is beautiful,and your two look like they are having so much fun….long may the sunshine continue!
    Miss you!

  3. Kat says:

    We are loving our sunny days too. Much prefer the cool sunny days of spring to the beating heat of summer! Heading down for some beach time this afternoon I think :)

  4. sarah says:

    i love the smell of drying clothes, too. when they hang there in the sun and smell all like summer.