Is it time yet?

One thing I’m really grateful for are our family traditions.
Our little ones know that the colder it gets outside, the closer Chanukah & Christmas are. We’ve been hearing “is it time for decorations yet?” many many times over the past month, but now that it is (almost) december we got out the decorations & found a tree:


(we stopped halfway through decorating to take pictures & head out for a walk)


I’ll show you a picture of the finished tree tomorrow!


Wishing you a magical day!

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10 Responses to Is it time yet?

  1. Darby says:

    Our tree has been up for a couple of weeks, only because I like to do the pictures I send out with cards and our pictures this year needed a tree in the background. I can’t wait to see the finished tree!

  2. Carin says:

    We usually put up our tree and decorate the house in time for St Lucia Day, but can see it becoming earlier as our daughter gets older and understands more.

  3. sarah says:

    Wir stellen unseren Baum am 24ten auf.
    😀 lol.
    Wo wollt ihr denn noch weiter schmücken? Da ist doch gar kein Platz mehr!

  4. Alisha says:

    we just started our first tradition of decorating the tree on the last day november because my husband usually has to work on thanksgiving. i’m going to try to establish some more this year.

  5. mamaUK says:

    It looks like they are having so much fun! I can’t wait to see your finished tree!

  6. oceans5 says:

    We are putting our tree up tonight. My kids are beyond excited. We have a bunch of family traditions too. They are so important to us and I love that I can pass it down to my kids.:)

  7. Breeder says:

    Our tree and decorations are penciled in for this weekend, most likely Saturday. The Bear can’t hardly wait!

  8. Traumkraut says:

    so beautiful.. your little angel :-) We have decorated our tree on the first advent day. But it is not ready… because each day until christmas some ornaments will be added. Therefore we light a candle each day on our advent spiral… and for every candle My daughter puts a star on the tree.


  9. Eva says:

    We always get a little tee with roots so we can plant it afterward. It is not up yet, we typically don’t decorate it until the 24th. We have started decorating the house though, and we have an Advent wreath and Advent calendars I made.

  10. Kisa says:

    I like real trees. may get that tonight. Its usually a large one. The decs and tree can go up sunday and keith is off next week so we can get all our shopping done.