First day of ..ummm….”school” .

We recently decided that, due to the very possible (& very horrible!) changes to the homeschool laws in this country we would have to find a way to minimize the threat of our children being forced to go to school.
So we bought a curriculum.
Oh the trouble we had trying to find the right one, a curriculum that recognizes the importance of play,of nature, seasons, of handwork & crafts, of dress-up and being outside, but sadly also had to be based on the english national curriculum.
In the end we decided on the Structured Home Learning curriculum.
The curriculum itself is full of little activity books & craft books, ideas for science projects & games.

It arrived today:


Emily really likes everything in it, and even though we won’t start working with it till monday we obviously had a little first day of school celebration, including a very lovely german tradition, the


Here’s to no pressure and lots of fun!

Wishing you a good day!

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3 Responses to First day of ..ummm….”school” .

  1. mamaUK says:

    Wow! What a lovely package, we have ‘The Big Book Of Things To Make And Do’, it’s got some very sweet activities in it! I haven’t been keeping up with the homeschooling things lately now K is in school, so do you have to follow a UK curriculum, in the same sort of stages a school does? Or is it more fluid than that?

  2. Miri says:

    We don’t use any curriculum, but then we are highly inspired by Montessori, so you may think of it as something structured. Sort of. I believe in unschooling so very much, so for me it would be very important that the curriculum included things that would response to my child’s interests.
    I wanted to ask you about the lovely animals you have pictured in the last photo (and the tree too) – where are they from??? I don’t think they are Ostheimer, am I mistaken?

  3. Elina says:

    Hi. I like your page. I wanted to ask. I am about to buy Year 1 (5 year olds) curriculum from SHL. Can you tell me if it has worked for you? Was their customer service all right? Sorry about the questions…(blushes).