Grateful Friday

Grateful Friday

Today I am grateful for

the blue sky;


the last days of summer spent with good friends
(which bring the realisation that my daughter is, indeed, rather tall…)


& apple and popcorn picnics :


What are you grateful for?
Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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3 Responses to Grateful Friday

  1. Darby says:

    i’m grateful for the last days of summer, as well. autumn is my most favorite time of year. i can’t wait to take aubrey apple picking, even though she won’t remember it.

  2. Darby says:

    also, miri, if you don’t mind, i would love to use this idea in my blog. giving credit to you, of course :)

  3. Eva says:

    Beautiful pictures! Here it is still very much summer, though we are starting to finally see some little signs of autumn getting closer. I can not wait!