Tutorial! A kid-made Knight’s Robe (that’s fit for a King or Queen, too!)

This morning Emily came to me & said
“Mama, I want to sew a costume!” (oh, yes!)
We decided to make a knights robe, as we all love fairy tales with brave knights & dragons.



This costume is completely kid made,
as you know Emily just turned three & she had absolutely no problem following the easy steps.
I did help to cut out some shapes, but if your little one can cut & paste then this will be great for you.

You will need:

fabric for the robe, ca. 170 x 60 cm , plus some scraps for decorating.
fabric for the crest on the front,
rope or yarn to use as the belt
fabric glue , scissors
(or,if you or an older child can sew, needle & thread.)


How to:

Fold your fabric in the middle ,
& let your little one cut a half circle into the top.
This is where the head will go through, so don’t make it too small, & don’t make it too big.


Cut out a crest out of the other fabric & let your little one decorate it by gluing fabric shapes onto it,
then glue the crest onto the front of your robe.


put it on & tie the rope or yarn around.
All done!


ps// It looks great with a crown made from colourful paper!

I hope you enjoy this!

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16 Responses to Tutorial! A kid-made Knight’s Robe (that’s fit for a King or Queen, too!)

  1. sarah says:

    sehr geil 😀
    total niedlich!

  2. June says:

    Brilliant! Well done Emily , and mum :o)

  3. mountainmama says:

    ohh, that’s wonderful~ and what a great blog you have here! :)

  4. ruth says:

    Gorgeous!! Isn’t it just the best thing ever when our children come to us with their ideas and wanting to do somehing? It totally makes me trust the unschooling process and breathe a great sigh of “yes, unschooling is great and children will learn what they want to learn”. YAY!!

  5. How completely adorable! What a creative, crafty Emily you have! :-)

  6. Marina says:

    Love this, what a crafty girl you have! My Matteo has been wanting a knight costume and I hadn’t figured out the tunic part yet… thanks to you (and Emily : ) we can do it! :)

  7. Mon says:

    I love that this is kid made. Very cool.

  8. BeingDaddy says:

    That is a fantastic costume, your daughter looks great and is very talented. You must be very proud.

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  13. Sue Corstorphine says:

    This is great. We (my 5 year old son and I) made this for a party he has this weekend, tonight.

  14. iris says:

    so simple and so beautiful!
    great idea

  15. Liz says:

    Great photos and step instructions! A versatile costume as well.

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