Dinner at the beach

You know those days where nothing goes quite right?
We had one of those days today,
so when Anthony came out of the studio this afternoon & saw everyone (including Mama) in tears,
we decided that it was about time to make this day a good day.
We packed a picnic & went down to the beach.


We had our dinner, played in the water, fell asleep, had some strawberries,
found some stones, went swimming, ate some sand (George, mostly ..)


We chased some waves, the waves chased us,


it really was a lovely day.


I often forget how simple things can turn a whole day around,
how having ice cream for breakfast will make a day a memory, (not that I’d ever do that..aehm…)
or how to just get out & have a picnic can easily change everyone’s mood for the better.
I will ( try to ) remember that more often.


For now, I better get these two bathed..
Have a lovely day,

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4 Responses to Dinner at the beach

  1. I’m so glad you have a beach to go to! And to help turn your day around!! :-)

  2. Breeder says:

    What a great dinner you guys had!

    In my experience, Daddy’s are wonderful for turning the Day around. Right after E baby was born, a simple trip to Target ended in tears for both me and the Bear. My husband just threw up his hands and proclaimed, “Who wants milkshakes?!” :) It worked.

    Glad your day got turned around for the better.

  3. la dayna says:

    That’s so sweet! I’m so glad you have such a perfect little family and 2 amazingly handsome kids!

  4. Joanne says:

    what a fantastic day you had in the end. We all forget the simple things in life can be the best.