being a mama

Every once in a while , thanks to things like Facebook, I get a chance to talk to people i used to know, people I went to school with, & friends I used to have before I had children. Most of them, after asking about my job, say things like

but wouldn’t you be happier working?
doesn’t it get boring doing nothing all day?

I used to get really angry about those questions, but now I mostly just smile & think to myself,
they don’t have children yet,
they don’t know how very hard, but yet so very lovely our days are.
They don’t know how much fun it is to play Monkey Bingo a million times in a row with an almost three year old,

(& a little one trying to eat the monkies,of course..)

They don’t know the fun of waking up because someone opens your eyes with two fingers & says
I know you are awake, your eyes are open!

They never saw someone growing up , going from not being able to hold their own head up
to putting on their own shoes,
(even if they are the wrong way around..)

They don’t know what I love you, Mama sounds like.
They might earn a lot of money, but I’ve got the greatest job in the world:


I”m a Mama.

Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.

I hope you are having a lovely day,

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11 Responses to being a mama

  1. sarah (der elefant,der nie vergisst ) says:

    ich hab sowas nie gesagt! ;(
    die bilder sind unglaublich süß :)
    und ich finde auch toll, dass du kinder hast.
    ende gelände, schicht im schacht, aus die maus etc pp.

  2. Evelyn says:

    Hallo liebe Miri,

    ich lese deinen Blog schon lange und hab leider nie etwas kommentiert. Ich finde toll was du machst. Meine Kleine ist grad im Kindergarten und eigentlich hätte ich sie lieber hier bei mir. Wahrscheinlich weil ich mich immer vollquatschen lasse von Menschen die eine langweiliges Leben führen und meinen, dass es der einzige richtige Weg ist. Ich beneide dich um deine Stärke!

    Viele liebe Grüße
    aus Deutschland

  3. Ha! I just LOVE that “do nothing all day” comment! I tell people I’d gladly trade a day with them if they’d liek a “day off” haha! No takers yet!
    I feel exactly like you do. i wouldn’t trade these boys ( and especially those: I love you mama’s) for anything. Not a great career or a more interesting lifestyle. nothing.
    power to the mommies.

  4. Alisha says:

    Lovely post! No one seems to realize that this job is also 24/7…we don’t get sick tiem or vacation days…but it’s always worth it to see the smiles and enjoy all the laughter.

  5. Precious! Both your thoughts and the photos. That George is getting sooo big! Cuties – all of you!!

  6. marina says:

    “They don’t know the fun of waking up because someone opens your eyes with two fingers & says I know you are awake, your eyes are open!”

    LOL! That is often the scene in our home… Such lovely photos and wonderful sentiments!

    With three small ones, I always get the “your hands must be full!” comments, and I always want to respond “yes full, but never empty of love”

    Have a lovely day yourself :)!

  7. danica says:

    very, very sweet. thanks for this.

  8. miri says:

    This is exactly why I love your writing so much. Once again, I identify with every single word.
    This is a kind of conversation I am used to:
    Q. Where do you work?
    A. I am a mom.
    Q. Yes, but what do you do for living?
    Then I usually laugh. I tried to explain earlier than I work at home, probably even more than a mom who works at some office. But I stopped doing so. Nowadays I am just grateful for being just a mom..:)
    Happy Shavuot!

  9. Wendy says:

    Thank you so much for this! I left my career last fall to be a mother and sometimes I wonder if I’m really making a difference. Your words have made my day a little more purpose oriented.

  10. June says:

    All so true :o)

  11. la dayna says:

    you made me cry