a friday night

After I took George to the beach alone to find his special rock,
Emily kept telling me how she would go to the beach without me.
I think she was a little bit jealous, so yesterday i took George with me to the Synagogue, & Emily got some special alone time with Daddy.


(Thank you for the lovely photo, Anthony!)

We are going to make these a weekly thing, the Mama-George Daddy-Emily time. I am hoping to also have some Mama-Emily Daddy-George time soon.

I wish you all a lovely weekend!

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3 Responses to a friday night

  1. miri says:

    I spent most of the day with my little one, so I guess I have plenty of solo time with him. My challenge for now is finding some solo time with my husband and myself…:)

  2. Mitzi Zohar says:

    So glad you like the Star of David quilt. I’d love to see your version if you make one. You can see my children holding it in this post http://thirdgirlfromtheright.blogspot.com/2009/01/making-jewish-museum.html Happy pesach, Mitzi

  3. Breedermama says:

    We trade off every weekend. Daddy will take E to run an errand and I will take the Bear or vice versa. E doesn’t seem to care but our big guy LOVES one on one time so we are making it a priority.