I am sorry I have not been around much,
life has been very busy around here, a lot of cleaning for Pessach, a lot of packing for our move, sadly very little crafting or playing.
We have been enjoying many,many Falafel recently,
& we are still loving them a lot. I have to admit that we used a Falafel mix to make them, & the result is fantastic.
(See, that was a plate of at least 10, but we all love them so much!)
I wish I had lots of things to tell you, but the boring truth is that I just wanted to let you all know that we are still around,
& now I will have to go back to put more things into boxes.
(& quite possibly order more Falafel mix!)
I hope you are having a lovely day!

ps// Maybe you noticed some changes on this site, I now answer a few of your frequently asked questions in the “about” section of this little blog.
I always love to hear from you, so if there is anything that isn’t answered, or even if it is, just send me a message anyway and I will do what I can to reply as soon as possible!

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4 Responses to busy

  1. miri says:

    I have never tried preparing Falafel on my own… Actually, I am more of Sabich person…:) Have you ever tried it? It’s delicious. I promise to take you out to eat one of those, when you drop over for a visit…:) I am going to write you very soon. It was just a crazy week. Still, I’ve been talking a lot to you lately in my heart. Now I just need to write down all I wanted to tell you. Would you believe me I even imagined you replying to me???:)

  2. tziona says:

    I’m 3daughters on MDC :).

    Here is recipe for making falafel from scratch. We do it once a week and its easy and tasty http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/My-Favorite-Falafel-231755. You can play around with the ingredient amounts. We increase the garlic, salt and cumin. Enjoy!

  3. Breeder says:

    We use the same exact falafel mix. It sure is tasty. :)

  4. We use (and love)Fantastic brand falafel mix. In fact, I just got home from our week away and am starving. Your post reminded me that DH didn’t eat the box I left for him, so that’s my breakfast/lunch plans today. Thank you!! Hope to catch up more with you soon. Hugs!!