Germany, freezing!

How are you?
We have been enjoying our family holiday,
but also realised a few things.
Christmas is a time for spending time with
the people you love, & not a time to have
arguments with people whose company you don’t
enjoy. Even though to us there is nothing more
important than family, sometimes you have to
decide who gets to be a part of it. .
All of this really showed us how truly blessed we are with
the supportive & loving family we have.
It has been a great time for us so far,
& I have been enjoying my extra long morning cuddles
with Georgie,
there have been lots of cozy board game nights
& very cold & long winter walks:
No photo of me or Baby George here, our noses are too
bright red from the cold. (-5°C!)

minus 4 °C

We will be back home in a few
days, & i really can’t wait.
As much as I love Germany
& our family here,
there’s no place like home.

Have a great day!

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One Response to Germany, freezing!

  1. I was just thinking of you this morning and hoping all was well. Our “no interest in talking to anymore” is a SIL who has become the overbearing matriarch of our family. Sadly, her toxicity fills time spent with the rest of our family (even if she’s not physically there). I’m glad you can enjoy yours in spite of your aunt. Safe travels home.